Friday, June 03, 2005

Long time no posting!!!!

Heyz evryone its ben awhile!!! here's some new info that I've been saving!! is completly new and is up and running again if u wanna see whats new in the world of hermione.
the harry potter GOF teaser trailer is out!! Finally!! U can check it out @
there are a lot of new harry potter info @ the following sites:
the reason that i hate katie lueng is this: she is chineese rite? well JKR said that she only wanted british peeps @ hogwarts and that Cho Chang was a brit. SO WHY DID SHE LET THEM CAST A CHINEESE PERSON???? idk comments r welcome!!!!!!!



Anonymous Anon. said...

JK said in the [i]books[/i] that she was asian

maybe you should go and reread the books

8:56 am  

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